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We have a full team of professional, native English article writers, eBook writers, press release writers and submitters. Our team focuses on marketing websites and blogs through press release submissions, article marketing and through building links.
Our writers are capable of writing in every niche. They understand exactly how important article writing is and they can take the knowledge they have and create content that can make any site successful.

Article Writer

We Can Save You Time and Money

It takes an average person 60 minutes (that’s one whole hour) to write an article that is 500 words in length. Many website owners do not have this time to spare, so they leave it up to the professionals. We have an efficient approach to doing research and writing the articles.

We think a lot of our employees – they are intelligent and have a good understanding of exactly what it takes in order to entice a reader into clicking through. Our writers are able to meet guidelines as well as PRWeb’s guidelines (both have strict guidelines).


Content Services
Here is a list of the content services we currently offer.
100% Native English Writers Handle Our Content
While Article Writes was previously managed by Philippine Writing Experts for one (1) year, they have recently teamed up with a major content writing team in America. This is to make sure only the best writers do the work. They have a team of 100% Native English writers who work around the clock in order to deliver the highest quality articles.The Philippine and US based team will work together in order to provide the best writing services possible. The team from the Philippines is responsible for marketing, while the US based team will handle all of the content.
Our Goal: To provide high quality articles, eBooks and press releases at the lowest possible rate to companies and individuals who are in need of quality, SEO friendly, well-researched articles.
Our Mission: To place resourceful and reliable content on the Internet. We do not like reading “teddy-bear fluffed” articles, so we do not write in this manner.
Turnaround Time: We always try to provide the fastest turnaround time possible. However, we are a major company who gets hundreds of orders in per day, so the turnaround time is going to vary. We ask for a 14-day turnaround time. We do not like to rush our writers, because rushing “art” will equal a sloppy picture.Article orders of 10 or less would usually take 5-8 business days before submission. Any order of 25-100 articles should be submitted within 10 business days. Larger orders could take up to 14 days.
Article Ownership: It’s all yours. Once we deliver paid articles, all rights and ownership is yours.
Confidentiality: It’s our “Top Secret” that we write for you, for your company, clients and writing services business. All transaction will remain confidential. No one will know that we wrote the content on your site.

What Type of Content Do We Not Write?
Students Projects, Thesis, Research, Assignments and Feasibility Study but students can ask us to guide them in the right direction.
Writing Believer
“If a nation loses its storytellers, it loses its childhood.” – Peter Handke Quality Article Writing
Article WritingIn a world dominated by knowledge and competence, the power of the pen never loses its mark. In fact, it became stronger and prevailing. It feeds human minds like nothing else can. It reveals the deepest secrets, unveils emotions and unleashes the thoughts that all of us deserve to know.While “real pens” has been used before to share stories and write poems and news, the world today is far more different, more colourful, yet fast-changing. It is no longer about the strange smell of the ink or the marriage between the pen and the paper. Nor it is about bubble wrapping and pencil erasing.The present form of writing is all about the relaxing sound of the keyboard, the non-stop typing and the unending Google search. Then pronto, you have a masterpiece right in front of you!The “then” and “now” of writing cannot be compared. Both have its fair share of perfect stories. But one thing is for sure: “then and now” will let you create content that will help change the world forever.Since we are dealing with the present and soon the future, we are left no choice but to adapt what is trending – the online writing.Online writing is powerful. Once you publish content online, it will forever be there. It will be read by thousands to millions of readers. Thus, it is imperative to write with a sense of responsibility and commitment.
Remember, it is not just for the sake of the website content, link building and increasing search engine rankings – it is about providing quality and well-researched articles that most people need. You need to be part of the solution against the misleading information found online.You need to be a story-teller, a real one that can educate millions of readers in the best possible way. With this goal in mind and the passion for writing, you can be, without a doubt, an article writer. The team we have partnered with (Modern Products LLC) has article writers that understand this – they are experts in article writing.

The Article Writing Style
AWIBS and Modern Products LLC push through and promote the general and modern type of writing. To understand this, consider the following:
Article Structure: A good article has clear structure. It starts with an excellent introduction, continues with an informative and precise body and ends with a “thought to ponder” conclusion.
Introductory Material: This also refers to the “brief lead” or “overview.” A convincing introductory material can attract readers to continuously read the article. This may sound easier said than done but a little practice and skill can help you achieve it.
Paragraphs: Keeping the paragraphs long is a no-no. It should be short and concise but still convey the idea that readers want to know. Remember, short paragraphs are more emphatic and readable.
Body: The body of the article should be clear and relevant. The sentences and paragraphs should be cohesive. More so, it should only contain important information that readers sought-after. Using sub-topics or headings will help keep the perfect flow of the content. This can also prevent redundancy and irrelevance.
Conclusion: Like what has been stated above, the conclusion should provide a “thought to ponder.” Moreover, it should give a complete closure on the article. Write what your readers want to hear and end the article with something that won’t leave them hanging.
Writing is an endearing and fulfilling job. It helps you see the best of both worlds, learn new things and educate others. It may be tough but you just need to understand and react with the subject matter. From there, you can build impact and trigger readers’ emotions.
To know deeper on how to write better articles, follow this link:

On client replies; what is keywords?
Basically, clients ask us to use keywords as a topic, title and lead to their article and here are the samples of the kw’s and short description that can help you gain a better understanding of keywords:Article Writer in California, Native English Writer – Two (2) keywords and it can be consider as topic.

Affordable Article Writer – KW like this can be use as title as well.

Online Writer in Canada – Sample of long tail keyword (LTK).

SEO Content Writer – LTK, Exact Phrases KW and can easily use in the content.

Cheap Article Writing Services – LTK, Exact Phrases and Convertible

Article Writes Quality Checker Tool
Live Keyword Analysis
Keyword Analysis is a fundamental search engine optimization strategy.
Using the live keyword analysis tool below, you can simply type in your keywords and then paste in your text and your keyword density analysis will be done on the fly. No needs to press submit because it updates automatically. This means that you can do all your editing within the text box, and receive live feedback about your keyword density.
The most advanced plagiarism search on the web – we check our articles before we send them to you in order to make sure you get unique articles.


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